Zombie Escape Player Guide

Most of the new players when they join on zombie escape server, they are confused of what they should do and always keep asking on how to play this kind of game. 

Therefore, if you’re a new player on this zombie escape server and you’re reading this paragraph right now, it means you are on the right place for you to explore and learn more on how to play this game. 

The following explanations below will help, understand and serve as a guide for you on how to play on the zombie escape server. 

The mechanics on how to play on zombie escape server is very simple and easy. 

Basically, the humans must shoot the zombies and avoid themselves to be knife or infect by the zombies. Meanwhile for the zombies, the goal of the zombies is to knife and infect all the humans. 

What are the modes in Zombie Escape? 

The zombie escape server has two (2) types of mode. The modes are Zombie Mode and Zombie Escape. The following modes are explained below: 

Zombie Mode

The Zombie Mode (ZM) is a mode where players (humans and zombies) will only be playing around the map until the round ends. Players commonly called it as “hide and seek” mode. When the round starts on the ZM map, all players will be at form of human and randomly from the humans will turn into a zombie on the same area or place after the countdown timer. The goal of the humans on this mode for them to win the round is to survive until round ends. Therefore, humans should hide and defend themselves from the zombies. In opposite of that, zombies should knife and infect all the humans for them to win the round. • Zombie Escape – The Zombie Escape (ZE), from the word itself “Escape”, is a mode where humans should run away until reaches the last part or end of the map. On this mode, when the round starts on ZE map, all players will be at form of human on the spawn. There will be also a countdown timer and randomly from the humans will turn into a zombie but unlike on ZM, the humans that turns into the zombie this time will return on the spawn area. The goal of the humans for them to win the round on this mode is to escape, survive and reach the end of the map. If the humans survive and reaches the end of the map, there will be a nuke that will kill all the zombies or zombies will be teleported in one (1) place with low hp/life and humans can freely kill them to gain exp (Commonly called as “farm the exp”). ZE maps has its own concepts and quality. These are labeled as Chill Maps and Hard Maps. The following concepts of the map are explained below: • Chill Maps – Players has their own point of view on how they define the concept of Chill Maps. When someone says it’s a chill map, the concept of the map is only for fun or a simple defense map. Chill maps often describe as run-all-the-way map, door hug map, surfing map, lasers map or entertainment maps (maps with games). • Hard Maps – When it says it’s a hard map, it means this kind of ZE maps requires teamwork to survive the map. Usually on maps like this, it needs a leader to guide the team and lead the way to reach the goal of the map. Hard maps refer to those maps that needs a hard defense or maps composed with items for humans and zombies (Elemental items or other magical items). For humans, Elemental items or other magical items are secondary weapons which commonly be found somewhere in the map. It composed of Wind, Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Thunder, Gravity, Heal, Ammo, Ultima etc. (Availability of items depend on the map). These items have its own reaction on the zombies and it has also an area-of-effect (AOE), distance of effect and duration of effect after being used. The following human item effects explained below: Elemental and magical items (Explanation based on usual effects of items after being used on zombies): ▪ Wind – Pushes off the zombies ▪ Fire – Slow down and damage or hurt the zombies by burning ▪ Water – Slow down or stuck the zombies ▪ Ice – Freezes the zombies ▪ Earth – Stuck the zombies or block the way of zombies ▪ Thunder – Slow down and damage the zombies by electric or lightning ▪ Gravity – Vacuum or magnets the zombies in one (1) place ▪ Heal – Generates HP or life for humans ▪ Ammo – Generates infinite ammo ▪ Ultima – Instantly kill the zombies within its immense AOE (Effect will be at 10 or 12 secs count-down timer after being activated) Notes: *Earth Item can also block and stuck humans so user must be cautious* *Ultima is one-time use only. Use it as per leader’s instruction or command* *Some elemental and magical items are not on the list due to its availability only in a certain map* Meanwhile for the zombie items, there will be a knife placed somewhere in the map and these zombie items has also its own reaction and duration of effect if use on the humans. Zombie items commonly composed of ZM Nuke, ZM Heal, ZM Gravity, ZM Ice, ZM Speed, ZM Invisibility (Availability of items depend on the map). The following ZM item effects after activation will explained below: Elemental and magical items (Explanation based on usual effects of items after being used on humans): ▪ ZM Nuke – Kill humans within its user’s AOE ▪ ZM Heal – Generates HP or life for zombies within its user’s AOE ▪ ZM Gravity – Vacuum or Magnet the humans within its user’s AOE ▪ ZM Ice – Slow down or damage the human within its user’s AOE ▪ ZM Speed – Increase the movement speed of user or zombies within its AOE ▪ ZM Invisibility – Make user invisible or camouflage for a short period of time Note: *Some elemental and magical items are not explained due to its availability only in a certain map* As a new player, what should I do when zombie escape server plays hard maps? The key to survive and win every hard map is the cooperation and teamwork of each other so everyone will be covered and safe. When playing on hard defense maps, it is “extremely important” to listen to the leader of the map especially when playing on hard maps with items. The leader will always guide the way and tell the team what to do. Elemental and magical items must be used only “as per leader’s instruction or command without delay”. Always remember, if you’re a new player and you don’t know the map, just keep calm, listen carefully and follow the leader’s command. Here some of the guidelines and tips you need to keep it in your mind when playing on ZE maps: • If you don’t know how to use the item, don’t take the item. Let the regular players of the server take it and observe them on how they use the item so you will learn. • If you observe that no one takes the item or someone dies and drops the item, take it and don’t panic, just hold the item and don’t drop it. If you have the item and you don’t know how to use it, just tell it on the chat and some regular players will approach you to take the item. • If no one approaches you to take the item, just hold it. Listen to the leader and he will tell you how to use the item, when to use the item and where to use the item. • Always stay behind on the leader’s beacon or marker. If you are not skilled or fast enough to fall back and you’re using heavy weapons like Negev or M249, you can always stay behind of the leader when defending. But, if possible, use SMG like Bizon, MP9, AK, M4A1 etc. on defense since these types of guns have a good knockback against the zombies and much easier to move around and easy to carry due to its lightness. • Shotguns and Snipers are restricted in some ZE maps. Keep it on your mind that shotguns and snipers are restricted in some ZE maps especially on hard defense map. You can use snipers only under some circumstances or as per leader’s instruction. If leader advises you to switch on SMG or Heavy weapons, you have to follow. Snipers and shotguns do not deal good damage on the boss. • Avoid staying too close on the zombies. You have to make sure that you are keeping yourself in a good distance when defending from the zombies. In some ZE maps with items, the zombies can use an item so if you stay too close on zombies while defending, there’s a possibility for you to be affected by these items so always keep your distance. You can shoot the zombies in a good range. • Avoid edging on ladders and stairs. Don’t stay or get away from the ladder after you climb it because some zombie players are too fast to climb the ladder and it can knife or infect you quickly. Keep it in your mind that zombies have a long knife when you are defending on ladders, stairs and even on ramp/slope. So always keep a good distance from that kind of situations. • Avoid talking over the leader. Learn to respect and let the leader speak. Don’t use your mic or make any noises especially when leader is focusing on leading. It will distract the leader as well as your teammates. You can talk on your mic only when you have something really important to say with regards on the safety of the team in critical situations. • Practice back-paddle defense. Back-paddle defense in terms of zombie escape means defending while falling back. Make sure that you have a good distance from the zombies before turning around and continue to move forward since the zombies behind can catch you up quickly. • Practice bunny hop or B-hopping. Watch tutorials on YouTube on how to bunny hop. It’s also a good thing for you to learn bunny hop since bunny hopping is one of the ways for you to avoid zombies in tight situations and falling back quickly due to its movement speed. • Look for your safe way. Many new players always caught up by the zombies since they panic after bumping into an obstacle. Obstacles ahead like cars, boxes, barrels, bookshelves, vending machines etc. That needs to jump might slow you down when falling back. So as an advise, practice assessing or determining a safe way before falling back. While reloading on defense position, you can take a peek behind for a bit to look for the next way so after defending, you don’t panic and have your own way on the obstacles ahead. • Practice throwing grenades/decoys before falling back on narrow or cram places. It is important to throw one (1) grenade or decoy on the zombies before falling back especially when the team is defending on narrow or cram places. Keep it in your mind that the zombies can catch up quickly when defending in narrow places so it is necessary to throw (1) grenade or decoy on zombies to slow them down for seconds. Practice doing it. It’s for your own safety especially if you’re one of the players who left behind. • Appreciate and enjoy every map being played. You can’t deny the fact that you feel frustrated sometimes in failing the round or stages of the map being played. It may be pressure and tiring for all of us but do not forget that nothing beats the best feeling of surviving a hard map after several times of trying. Keep learning, enjoy and grind yourself. It’s a good milestone for you to survive every map being played especially if you survive hard ZE map. That means you overcome the challenges on that map and you did your best effort on defending and surviving the map. “Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.” – Someone. So, for the new players who are read these guidelines, we hope that you learn, gain ideas and understand the context of zombie escape guidelines. Lastly, welcome to the Ghostcap.com zombie escape server and have fun playing with us :