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What Is Zombie Escape?

Having been released on the 21st of August 2012 (3 years after the still popular Left For Dead 2) CS:GO Zombie Escape began with a simple design with straight forward mechanics and basic graphics. 

However, the steam workshop tool was about to change all of that. With page after page of different mods, skins, maps and packs to choose from, CSGO Zombie Escape would take a turn for the better and create massive community involvement.

How to join a Zombie Escape Server

Having been over 8 years since CSGO Zombies was officially released, it has come a very long way with almost endless community mods and maps. Thankfully with the way steam has integrated with both Windows and Mac OS you are able to instantly start CSGO and join a server-based off of one click. 

Click here to try it for yourself: steam://connect/

How do you play Zombie Escape?

While some games like GTA 5 are an open world styled game, CSGO Zombies prides itself on being a mostly linear team based game where you can play the same map ever and over and almost never achieve the same style of victory. At the start everyone begins as humans while they find there way through the map (Only for about 3-10 seconds) then the infections begins. Patient zero has been struck with zombie killer virus and is out for brains. 

Armed only with a knife in their hands they are seemingly unstoppable with over 10,000 health (While humans only have 100). They chase the survivors down as they try to conquer the map and find the escape. 

Survivors on the other hand are armed to the teeth with 21st-century guns, grenades and ammo to boot. If the zombie is able to get its hands on a survivor however then they are instantly infected and must now help the cause of finding each and every human to infect. 

This is where the change of tide occurs and it now becomes easier to spread the infection. One more zombie means one less human. This plays out until either the survivors escape or all players become a zombie. While this can seem straight forward to some, you will find it offers countless hours of fun through its intense battle grounds and final last stands. 

Can I create my own CS:GO server?

While joining a zombies match from any public server can be as easy as clicking a button, creating one is a whole new complex ball game. With a challenging balancing act between survivors and the undead. 

Thankfully the list of those who have contributed to making these mods easy to use and public is almost as long as the mod list itself. With websites such as alliedmods being able to provide years worth of support, they are still an active community even into late 2020.